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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Download GreenBrowser v6.1.0216 Free


We’re living in a tough world where large companies struggle to develop more environmentally friendly solutions, while experts warn that we’ll soon run out of petrol and other vital resources.

So why not supporting these efforts using some green software solutions? Not exactly supposed to protect the environment, but rather your computer, GreenBrowser is an application meant to compete with the big guys on the market, regardless if we’re talking about Firefox, Opera or Internet Explorer.

But this last application is actually the one that served as the foundation of GreenBrowser, so this is actually an enhanced version of the popular Microsoft browser with tons of handy features.

OS : Windows All
File Size : 1 MB



iman arsyad said...

kok cuman 1 mb? :D

gue muda said...

iya nih.... mungkin karena green growser... browser yang ramah lingkungan... jadi size nya juga ramah lingkungan... heheh... :)


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