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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Download Phone to PC (Formerly Pod to PC) v4.1.4.5

Phone to PC (Formerly Pod to PC) Full Keygen

Phone to PC (formerly "Pod to PC") is iPad, iPod or iPhone transfer software that easily copies music, videos, playlists and photos from iPod to computer and into iTunes. Phone to PC works with all iPods including the iPad and iPhone. Phone to PC uses the USB cable and works with or without jail-breaking the iPhone/iPod so there's no need to modify your iPod.

Features :

Playlist Builder
Easily copy whole or partial playlists from any iPod into iTunes. With Phone to PC's duplicate detection, you can even recreate playlists without having to copy the tracks again!

Crash Recovery
Phone to PC is the ideal solution for recovering iTunes after a computer crash. Simply download, install and click auto-transfer and everything will be back the way it was before.

Preview Audio, and Video and Photos
Want to play music without using iTunes? Phone to PC lets you preview music and movies on any iPod before transferring it into your iTunes library.

Search iPod, iPad and iPhone for Music
Quickly find the tracks you're looking for with the Phone to PC search bar and filter option. This search feature allows users to find music by search for track name, artist name or album name.

Avoid Duplicates
With built in duplicate detection, Phone to PC shows a blue check mark next to tracks that are already in iTunes. If you try to copy these tracks the software will only add a reference to the existing local track in your target playlist.

Free Upgrades
Apple Inc. is constantly changing how the iPod and iPhone works (think about how often you have to update iTunes or your iPod's firmware). Phone to PC is updated just as rapidly to adapt to these changes. Phone to PC full-version users will receive complementary updates so they don't have to keep buying the same software again and again.

iPod and iPhone Picture Transfer
Phone to PC includes a free image transfer features which parse the enigmatic Photo Database then reveals the images that were saved to the device.

Drag and Drop Support
Quickly and intuitively copy songs to your computer by dragging and dropping from Phone to PC. This feature also works with images and videos too!

Copy Voicemails
Listen to that important voicemail message directly on your computer. Then backup and store your voicemails on your PC.

Address Book
Looking for a way to transfer contacts from an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to your PC? Simply drag contacts to the Desktop or drop them directly into Outlook.

Call History, Web History
Browse and sort through your Call and Web history. Access, browse and save your Safari bookmarks.

Backup Browser
Browse thru your iTunes backups

SMS and Notes
Need a specific text message or note from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch on your computer? Copy and manage your SMS and notes all on your PC.

Keep those important dates by browsing through your Calendar.

Author : Macroplant LLC
OS : Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 7 x64
File Size : 4 MB




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